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180° 4-in-1 Fibre Tube Bender/PRT-369FHA-180° PRT-369FHA-180°

Item Code:PRT-369FHA-180° Features:For 3/16”、1/4”、5/16”&3/8” size O.D.Tubing; Carbon steel + Fibre material body
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PRT-369FHA-180°   For 3/16”、1/4”、5/16”&3/8” size O.D.Tubing

1.Carbon steel+Fiber material body.

2.3/16”-1/4” Bend radius 11/16”(17.5mm)

3.5/16”-3/8” Bend radius 15/16”(24mm)

 Open size-slips on tubing at any point, can bend 0.4mm thin tube without distortion

4. Calibrated markings for making accurate left-hand, right-hand, and offset bends 1800 start requires less effort. Makes bending fast and easy.


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