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Electronic Refrigerant Leak Detector CPU-1G

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We are proud to present this tool as the most stable and sensitive negative corona leak detector ever made. We have incorporated all of our experience and years of customer feedback into our product, in the hope of providing our valued customers with the best of everything: price, performance and reliability.

An advanced microprocessor is the heart of this unit. Its digital processing permits better management of circuitry and sensing tip signal than ever before possible. Additionally, the number of components used in the circuit is reduced nearly 40%, increasing reliability and performance. The microprocessor monitors the sensing tip and battery voltage levels 4000 times per second. Compensating for even the most minor fluctuations in signal. This translates into stable and dependable tool in almost any environment.

Convenience features have been added to enhance the usability of the CPU-1G. Seven levels of sensitivity provide an increase of 64 times from level 1 to level 7. Unique Tri-Color LED’s show a progressive and wide ranging leak size indication, communicate the sensitivity level, and provide a true voltage indication of battery power level. A tactile keypad controls all functions of operation. A revolutionary new case design gives the user grip a control, and places the visual indicators in direct sight during use.


2 x AA battery (3 VDC)

Sensor Life

Approx 30 hours

Battery Life

Approximately 30 hours under normal condition

Max. Sensitivity

R12,R22,R134a are certified to ≤6 g/yr

Ultimate Sensitivity

≤3 g/year for All halogen based refrigerants

Operation Temperature

0-52 ℃

Work Mode

Continuous, no limitation

Warm up Time

Approximately 6 sec

Response Time


Reset Time

2 sec

Probe Length

35.5 cm Flexible, stainless probe


560 g


22.9 x6.5x6.5 cm






















1 Microprocessor control, with advanced digital signal processing

2 Tricolor visual display

3 Seven levels of sensitivity provide an increase of up to 64

4 Tactile keypad controls

5 Real time sensitivity adjustment

6 Battery test function

7 Battery voltage indication

8 Detect ALL halogen refrigerants

9 True mechanical pumping provides positive airflow through sensing tip

10 Mute feature included

11 Cordless and portable, operates on 2 cell batteries

12 Carrying case included

13 Flexible and stainless probe

14 Optional carrying holster

15 Optional reference leak source

16 Two-year warrant

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