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T Series Titanium Heat Exchanger T Series Titanium Heat Exchanger

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The inner tubes are made of titanium. Purity titanium does not have chemical reaction with chlorine, thin hydrochloric and thin sulphuric acid, but corroded by hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid and melt alkali, titanium has high corrosion resistance to sea water. Its resistance rate is 15 times to normal stainless steel and life time is 10 times of stainless steel


1. swimming pool facility: Because chlorine had produced high corrosive chlorine in the swimming pool water. Normal heat exchangers cannot prohibit the leak in the system by its corrosion. Titanium has a high corrosion resistance. It protected the safety of system.

2. Sea food facility, sea water baths, and aquarium: There are a great many of chlorine ion in sea water. Water. Because of corrosion of chlorine ion, normal heat exchanger cannot meet its requirements. Titanium coaxial heat exchangers solved the corrosion problem and reduced the cost of maintain.

3. Laser machine, plating application

4. Marine air conditioner

5. Sea water sourced heat pump

6. Waste-water sourced heat pump

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