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Automatic Refrigerant Management System RECO779

  • Automatic Refrigerant Management System
  • Automatic Refrigerant Management System
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RECO779 machine are the simplest, easiest to use A/C service centers helping technicians meet today’s tough service standards, Operation is quick and efficient, lowering A/C service costs.

The RECO779 Automatic Plus provide full cycle recovery / recycle / evacuate / recharge / cleaning to bring the vehicle back to factory spec with the press of one button.

Choose the RECO779 for the most economical automatic recovery / recycle solution, With these easy – to –use  machines, just connect the quick – connect couplings to the vehicle and push the Recovery Recycle switch to complete the process. There are no confusing valves to remember to open or close, Rotate the vacuum timer to the vacuum time you select and the optional LAX two –stage vacuum pump provides a deep vacuum. Scroll up the correct charge one the high visibility LCD and push the charge switch to quickly charge refrigerant.


1 Large LCD display unit, automatically display the daily maintenance and troubleshooting.

2 Automatically prompts next – step concrete operations, irrelevant button auto self – lock to prevent from improper operation, easy to operate and no special training needed.

3 Auto – alarm for disoperation and malfunction such as overheating, low oil level, short of refrigerant ect.

4 Auto data recording system.

5 Maintenance message display.

6 Equipped with a special device for recharging refrigeration oil and UV.

7 Fully automatic system in refrigerant recovery, recycling, recharging , air evacuation and A/C system closed loop – cleaning.

8 Scientific design and excellent refrigerant oil separation improves the quality of recycled refrigerant, and prolonging the life of the equipment.

9 Built an integrated automobile information data base for easy maintenance.

10 Auto – prompt for replacements of the necessary consumable parts

11 High –precision electronic scale for accurate dosing of refrigerant recharge.

12 Equipped with heavy – duty filter drier to reduce the frequency of replacement.

13 To be safe, equipped with safety valve & air evacuation valve in the steel cylinder.

14 Special oil re - circulation function prolongs the service of life of the compressor.

15 User and process friendly: The display provides action to be carried at each step. All valves are automatically operated to minimize any mishandling.

16 Attained CE Quality Certification and ISO 14001 Certification



Recovery Rate


Recycling Rate


Recharging Rate


Vacuuming Rate


Refrigerant Types



1/2HP Oil-filled hermetic compressor

Precision of Electronic scale


Cylinder Size


AC Voltage (V/Hz)

110-220V / 50/60Hz

Operating Temperature (℃)


Dimensions LxWxH (mm)


Net Weight (kg)


Automatic tank full and high pressure shut off  

Advanced shock – resistant scale

One touch Oil injection

One touch Oil Drain

One touch Air Purge


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